Sunday, August 15, 2010

Pete and Repeat were sitting in a boat, Pete fell out and who was left?

A reading from the book of Scales, Chapter 8, Verse 14:

"Blessed is she who is faithful in the counting of her points and does move her larger than average booty over the land on a regular basis. She is secure in the knowledge that for her faithfulness she shall have the promise of numbers that diminish with each week she endures. And lo, on the seventh day, Sara didst step upon the scale to claim the fruits of her labor, and did see a number not smaller, nor larger than the one she had seen seven days hence. What a kicketh in the groin."

Seriously, universe?

I'd tell you in great detail exactly how I feel about this week's non-event at the scale, but it turns out I already did that about 4 inches south of here, so I'll wait while you read my last blog entry again. Go ahead, scroll down and feel the frustration all over again. Done? Ok then.

I've had a great run since that May morning when Weight Watchers welcomed back the prodigal daughter with open arms (but no feasting, because have you SEEN the nutritional information for fatted calf? CRAZY!), and I suppose that statistically I was due for a week or two of tribulation. I'll keep the faith, and my nose the grindstone, secure in the knowledge that this too shall pass.

Into every weight loss journey, a few maintains must fall. Can we declare these my "few" and get on with it already?

Whine over. Resolve rebooted. Game on.


  1. Lo and behold, the faithful followers of Sara didst wallow in her same sadness, didst feel the pain of the never-endeth scale, and did have a heavy heart.

    For they, like their leader, didst also not see a lower scale reading and were saddened.

    They, with a heavy heart, didst retain their faithfulness that this, too, shall pass and they shall be rewarded greatly as the next seventh day reins upon the Earth.

    :) Annie

  2. How I love you, and have missed you. A scary fat man in a Speedo sent me running to my long-ago abandoned blog, and then to my WW log-in to see if it still worked, and then immediately to you. I have missed so much, I see. But look forward to staying up late catching up. Nobody says it like you do, dear.

  3. Keep the faith indeed for the alternative sucketh even worse.

    "Cursed is the woman who, in retaliation for the judgement of the scale god, doth indulge in a feast of wicked culinary delights. For she is doomed to reapeth a more harsh judgement yet, and there will be much wailing in the land."

    Stick with it, Sara!

    PS: How'd I do?

  4. You know I've visited your blog for ages. I think I might have commented once but just wanted to say I enjoy what you have to say and it really is about never giving up. It is forever so I say we get there when we get there *smile*. Here's to a good week!