Sunday, August 22, 2010

One (point two) is the loneliest number...

But I’ll take it!

The scale ponied up a 1.2 pound loss this week effectively putting an end to two weeks of involuntary maintenance, and saving me the jail time that would inevitably have ensued if I’d been forced to make good on my threat to take the weigh-in lady hostage if she told me my weight hadn’t budged yet again. (You got lucky this time, Gloria.)

In the fight against the fat, it’s tough not to get obsessed with the scale. In fact, its counter intuitive (and kind of stupid, frankly) to say that focusing on the numbers isn’t important. The goals of better health, increased mobility, rising self confidence, and improvements in quality of life are all a direct result of the steady decline of the same numbers we try and diminish the importance of. All the benefits of working to be at a healthy weight are side effects of watching the digits on the scale go down, and when they stand still even for a short period of time it can be easy to lose sight of everything we’ve gained in the wake of what we’re not losing.

As I paused for the applause at receiving another 5 pound star, I considered my answer to my leader’s standard “So tell us how your weight loss is affecting your life” that I knew would follow. I considered regaling the group with the fact that this is not my first go round with WW, and that while I’ve lost over 30 pounds since rejoining in May, my grand total is much more than that, but even just composing that speech in my head made me roll my own eyes so I refrained. When the question was posed, I decided to just go with the truth as it stands for me today:

This is another day in a lifelong struggle, and I know that they key to this whole weight loss thing isn’t dwelling on the last year, or month, or day, or weigh-in, or choice. As a very good friend of mine is fond of saying, the only thing that matters is what I do next. And that’s what I’m concentrating on today. And tomorrow. And beyond.


  1. Woo hoo! Congrats on the loss!

    It's hard for me to stay away from the scale, too. I think since I'm still in the beginning phase of my weight-loss journey, I need to check each day to make sure I'm doing and eating the right things.

    Wouldn't it be horrible to think we were eating the right things and getting enough exercise in, only to show a gain on the scale (if we don't weigh every day) ? I would feel like I just wasted the last week. I think Im going to have to keep weighing everyday to make sure I am on track. As long as it's not up 5 lbs, we should be good. :) Right?

  2. I spent the majority of my hard core dieting phase obsessed with the scale. Weighing nearly every day. I admit that it usually worked for me. Now that I am taking a bit of a lower key approach I admit I've become less worried about frequent weigh-ins. But truthfully, I'm not sure that is a good thing. I gained some weight, and am now seeking to regain some lost mojo.

    Congrats on breaking the plateau, and the loss.