Wednesday, August 25, 2010

And now for something completely different...

I got an email today from a long time reader who wrote to convey their disappointment in the direction my blog has taken. What once seemed interesting and inspiring was now boring and depressing, and maybe I would be better served by getting back to the grass roots of my journey instead of rehashing “what a shrink said to emphasize your non-fat self worth” and that if I did then self worth would come with reaching my goal.

Well. Ouch.

And so as I hoofed it 3.5 miles around the lake tonight, I thought about what they’d said. I admit that this blog isn’t the same as it used to be. I lost my focus for a while, and my weight loss progress suffered for it. At the time I made the decision that I would keep what I posted on this site on topic, and that what was going on in the rest of my life wasn’t germane. I have always felt that this was a place to tell MY story, but so much of that story was intertwined with one that wasn’t mine to tell, and so I didn’t. Maybe that was a mistake. Maybe a little more information would have bought me some slack. Maybe if I’d hung a sign that said “closed for repairs” and waited until I’d found and glued together all the pieces of my broken heart then I could have returned with a big smile and bypassed all the unpleasant introspection and gotten right back down to the business of finally not being so fat.

I can only tell my story. And this darkness, the one that’s finally lifting, was a part of it. But you know what? So is the light that is finally shining again, and maybe it’s time to write about that. I’m kicking the fat’s ass lately, shedding the pounds and reaping the benefits--and those are my stories to tell too.

In fact, just this morning I set a new goal combining the upcoming holiday season with a pair of winter white wool pants that have been mocking me from my closet for the better part of two years now. I’m on a quest to show those smug slacks who’s the boss around here…complete with embarrassing photos. Wanna see ‘em?

The revolution begins tomorrow. Tune in then!


  1. It's YOUR blog. Write what you want.

  2. Wow.. do people honestly believe your only purpose is to entertain and lift them up? Really?? It sounds like they need a reality check because that is NOT life, that's an illusion and personally, I prefer to see the entire person's life, NOT just what others want to see and hear... remember, we have to have the dark on a canvas to appreciate the light... so write on, and RIGHT on!

  3. I third the message here: Write what you want. What works for you. People can read if they want to. But tearing down another blogger just serves no purpose.

    Don't be influenced by such things. Do what works for you.

  4. Seriously! Seriously? Anyone who has worked at weight loss must know that what goes on in the rest of your life IS germane and must be. If you choose to share with us; Great! If not; Great! If it bothers us, we should stop reading (Not me!)Keep at it Sara!

  5. For crying out loud.....interesting and inspiring. Well, excuse me, but the dailyness of life sometimes gets in the way of interesting and inspiring!! Losing weight isn't always interesting and inspiring!!

    Good grief!! What is interesting and inspiring to me might not be interesting or inspiring to another.

    It is what it it, use what you can, and take your next breath!!