Thursday, May 26, 2011

Scared Straight

Scared Straight
Yesterday I did something momentous.  If, that is, one defines “momentous” as “something I’ve done like a thousand times since the age of 12”.  
I rejoined Weight Watchers.
If you’d like me to spend oodles of time and space explaining the particulars of just why keeping my ample buttocks on the proverbial wagon on a permanent basis is an impossibility, you can drop me an email and ask for a dramatic recounting of my numerous climbs onto and spectacular nose dives off of said wagon.  
Or you save me a lot of time (and fritter away a bunch of yours) by going back and reading my archives. I did just that recently and have realized that something I’ve said before in the last few years happens to be true:  
The longer I do this, the more convinced I become that this journey is essentially an endless series of beginnings, of moments when draw a fresh line in the sand and start over.  Sometimes the fresh start comes from a place of zen, a calm acceptance of the infinite struggle between ourselves and a lifetime of obesity.  
But there are other times when we see a moment in our future where we’d just really rather not be quite so fat, thank you very much.  Like, say, the prospect of wearing a big white dress in front of your friends and family while pledging eternal love and faithfulness to a man just crazy enough to love you.
That’s right, friends.  Tim and I are engaged.  A year from now we’ll be dressed in our best and saying I do.
(Shout out to the citizens of hell who are all enjoying tall glasses of ice water today—You’re welcome!)
The quest for the dress and a body that fits into it begins today.
Let the adventure continue!


  1. Congratulation on your engagement!

    Now remember, it doesn't matter how much you weigh when you get married because regardless, you a very beautiful woman. You deserve a lot of happiness.

    I'm so glad you found your soul mate!

  2. Long-time lurker here. I miss your writing and your observations of life and when you aren't losing weight, you don't write - at least on this blog. Write about love, and your engagement, and wedding planning, your job, your son, your life. Just write. Screw the weight loss. You have so much more to say than just about getting on a tread mill or not eating a cookie. I'm just sayin'. Thanks for allowing me to post this anonymously too. I like my lurker status. Does knowing I'm out here lurking intimidate you or inspire you? I hope you choose "inspire you."

  3. Wonderful news!

    Glad you are back on WW wagon and i hope this encourages you to write more, as i do love the way you write and i love to read your thoughts